HTTP Headers

Request Headers

These HTTP Headers are sent to the server to provide some metadata to the resource.

Optional, Not Suggested

  • Accept: For technical reasons beyond my control at this time, this header is completely ignored by the resources. Use the resource's parameters instead to define the content type returned by the resource.
    • If you simply MUST send an Accept header, try '*/*' first.
    • If that doesn't work, 'application/json' should. Remember, this is ignored by the resource.

Response Headers

These HTTP Headers are returned to the user to provide some metadata regarding the resource's response.

Always Returned

  • X-API-Resource: The resource that was called.
    • X-API-Resource: characters
  • X-API-Version: The version of the resource.
    • X-API-Version:
  • X-API-Response-Content-Length: How many characters are returned by the resource.
    • X-API-Response-Content-Length: 726